Classic Summer Films: Part 1

Part of Trinity Film Review’s Summer Series (2019): touching on all things summer, student, and coming of age cinema. We asked our writers what they believed was the ideal summer film – and the response was overwhelming. In part one of two, a group of film fans have decided what their ultimate summer film is,Continue reading “Classic Summer Films: Part 1”

2020 Oscars: The Recap

Written by Mia Sherry This year’s Academy Awards are, for the most part, haunted by their losses. Felt considerably more keenly this year than preceding years due to the overwhelming wealth of brilliant films that were released, the conversation around what would (or what should) win was tainted by discussion of nomination snubs: The Farewell,Continue reading “2020 Oscars: The Recap”

Alternative Christmas Films

Christmas Day-watching can get a little repetitive over the years. You’ve seen Miracle on 34th Street or been put through Frozen by your little cousins one too many times. Trinity Film Review contributors have chipped in with three films they believe make the perfect alternative to textbook holiday movies. Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong TrousersContinue reading “Alternative Christmas Films”