See How They Run

Review by Luke Bradley See How They Run (Tom George, 2022) launches straight into its ‘whodunnit’ narrative. Scored by the narration of Adrien Brody’s hot-shot director Leo Köpernick, he criticises the ‘second-rate murder-mysteries’ of the 1950s. ‘It’s a whodunnit; you see one, you’ve seen them all’, Köpernick laments. Opening with such a brazenly self-referential statementContinue reading “See How They Run”


Funny Pages

Review by Katie McKenna In 2013, author Brett Martin analysed the television renaissance that had just occurred. Over the course of about two decades, tv had transformed from a mass-entertainment medium, something to sit in front of and shut off your brain, to a source of some of the most experimental and moving stories ofContinue reading “Funny Pages”


Review by Cat Earley In an age where biopics show no end in sight, Elvis (Baz Luhrmann, 2022) is one of the more predictable releases of the year. With the legacy of Moulin Rouge! (2001) and The Great Gatsby (2013) behind him, Luhrmann’s take on this increasingly popular film genre is, well, predictably Baz Luhrmann.Continue reading “Elvis”


Review by Brídín Ní Fhearraigh-Joyce Earwig (Lucile Hadžihalilović, 2021) has the strangest film premise you’ve ever heard of. The film opens with a girl, fitted with an ice teeth apparatus that must be replaced daily. She carries two glass apparatuses on the side of her mouth, collecting her drool. She appears to have never beenContinue reading “Earwig”


Review by Eve Smith Ennio Morricone is always framed by the same cartoonish pair of bottle-end glasses. You might not know his face but you most definitely know what Hans Zimmer termed;  Morricone’s “instantly recognisable” musical voice. Having produced the scores for more than four hundred films such as The Good, The Bad and theContinue reading “Ennio”

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Review by Katie McKenna Going to the cinema alone is one of my guilty pleasures. A lot of people ask me why I love seeing films solo so much and I usually give them a pretentious answer like; “having other people around ruins the immersion”. That’s not the truth. It’s because I cry easily atContinue reading “Everything Everywhere All at Once”