The Lad Goodbye

Review by Cat Earley Following their previous flick – the short film Hi, Lad (2020) – Victor Dubyna, Nolan O’Kane, and Kirk Percival of Lad Films released their first feature film, and continuation of their short in what they have self-described as a ‘stoner-noir’. The Lad Goodbye (2022) follows the conventional beats of a classicContinue reading “The Lad Goodbye”

Mark Cousins: Women Make Film

Article by Niamh Muldowney 29th of February 2020, the evening the first case of Covid-19 in Ireland would be announced. But, that morning, director Mark Cousins was in town to introduce his latest film, Women Make Film, at the Dublin International Film Festival. Two other film students from Trinity, Giorgiomaria Cornelio and Markéta Ní Eithir,Continue reading “Mark Cousins: Women Make Film”

The 32nd Galway Film Fleadh

Review by Gillian Doyle The 32nd year of the Galway Film Fleadh was undoubtedly a memorable one. Safety measures necessitated by Covid-19 could easily have led to the cancellation of the entire event, but instead the festival team, consisting of less than twenty people, pulled together and the fleadh ran online from July 7th toContinue reading “The 32nd Galway Film Fleadh”

2020 Oscars: The Recap

Written by Mia Sherry This year’s Academy Awards are, for the most part, haunted by their losses. Felt considerably more keenly this year than preceding years due to the overwhelming wealth of brilliant films that were released, the conversation around what would (or what should) win was tainted by discussion of nomination snubs: The Farewell,Continue reading “2020 Oscars: The Recap”

The Case for Best Picture: The Irishman

Written by Barry Murphy There should be no debate around which film should win best picture at the 2020 Academy Awards. The Irishman is the perfect conclusion to one of Hollywood’s most storied careers and is a film so flawless that the only shots that can seemingly be taken at it are concerning its lengthyContinue reading “The Case for Best Picture: The Irishman”

The Case for Best Picture: Marriage Story

Written by Alison Traynor The Oscars have always provided an intriguing lens through which an era’s culture can be examined, and this year’s Best Feature contenders are no exception. Joker’s nomination, for example, has plenty to say about contemporary Western concerns, for it demonstrates that a lack of mental health resources is an increasingly seriousContinue reading “The Case for Best Picture: Marriage Story”

The Case for Best Picture: Parasite

Written by Eoin O’Donnell With every new year comes the inevitable period of tribalism that pits all manner of incomparable films against each other like rabid sports teams: awards season. It’s the time where great movies are reduced to one-sentence dismissals and brushed aside like dirt in the hopes of holding up your own indisputable,Continue reading “The Case for Best Picture: Parasite”

The Case for Best Picture: Jojo Rabbit

Written by Ellen Jacob Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit is like Moonrise Kingdom meets The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas with all the wit of a Monty Python sketch. Everything about that description suggests that this film shouldn’t work, but under the masterful directorial eye of Waititi, it does. It has earned 6 Oscar nominations includingContinue reading “The Case for Best Picture: Jojo Rabbit”

5 Out of 94: What makes a ‘Best International Feature’ nominee?

Written by Mariana Rios Sanchez The moment the 2020 Oscar nominations were announced, the internet exploded with outrage. A couple of new things emerged this year: the Academy Awards accepted a record number of 93 films submitted to the Best International Feature category; or, as it had been known up until a year ago, theContinue reading “5 Out of 94: What makes a ‘Best International Feature’ nominee?”

Best of the Decade: 2012

The Best of the Decade series looks back over the most popular and beloved films of the past ten years. Each author chooses a film they believe to be the definitive film of the year, along with a wildcard favourite film of their own. For 2012, Mary Tiernan chooses Beasts of the Southern Wild asContinue reading “Best of the Decade: 2012”