The Future Tense – DIFF Part 2

Review by James Mahon The Future Tense ( Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor, 2022) should not work cinematically. As a video essay format it seems more suited to a YouTube or Podcast platform in the tradition of Joe Rogan et al. Yet definitely unlike a Joe Rogan podcast, The Future Tense not only works, butContinue reading “The Future Tense – DIFF Part 2”

New Normal – DIFF Part 1

Review by Ines Murray Gomez New Normal (Jung Bum-shik, 2022) is a collection of interconnected short films that take place within the span of a few days in Seoul. They all contain some degree of social commentary on a variety of topics, primarily the naive over-reliance on technology of South Korean culture and primarily youngContinue reading “New Normal – DIFF Part 1”


Review by Luke Bradley Vivarium is the story of a young couple, played by Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg, who find themselves trapped in a mysteriously endless suburban estate following a house viewing. Soon realising they are the subject of a sick experiment by unseen extra-terrestrial overlords, they resort to their only given means ofContinue reading “Vivarium”