The Berlinale Report

By Cat Earley What do you imagine when you think of a cinema? Is it the crunch of buttery popcorn? The hurried footsteps on the blacktop as patrons scurry to their seats? The dimming of the lights before the big event? Now, what about a film festival? Is it pretentious voices wafting towards directors inContinue reading “The Berlinale Report”

The Future Tense – DIFF Part 2

Review by James Mahon The Future Tense ( Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor, 2022) should not work cinematically. As a video essay format it seems more suited to a YouTube or Podcast platform in the tradition of Joe Rogan et al. Yet definitely unlike a Joe Rogan podcast, The Future Tense not only works, butContinue reading “The Future Tense – DIFF Part 2”

New Normal – DIFF Part 1

Review by Ines Murray Gomez New Normal (Jung Bum-shik, 2022) is a collection of interconnected short films that take place within the span of a few days in Seoul. They all contain some degree of social commentary on a variety of topics, primarily the naive over-reliance on technology of South Korean culture and primarily youngContinue reading “New Normal – DIFF Part 1”

Must Watch Films DIFF 2023

By Katie McKenna The Dublin International Film Festival is a highlight of the year for any Irish cinephile. However, with their extensive line-up it’s hard to know what films to watch. Don’t worry, here at Trinity Film Review we’ve gone through the line-up and made a list of the five films that must not beContinue reading “Must Watch Films DIFF 2023”

The 79th Annual Venice Film Festival

By Shane McKevitt The 2022 Venice International Film Festival held its closing ceremonies last weekend and, in the wake of eleven days packed with screenings from 8am to midnight, there is plenty to discuss.  While I am eager to get into some of the festival’s highlights, I should also note some of its lesser points. Continue reading “The 79th Annual Venice Film Festival”

VMDIFF 2021 (3/4)

The third in TFR’s coverage of VMDIFF, with reviews by Cathal Eustace and Katie McKenna. Limbo Review by Katie McKenna The pantheon of British black comedies is filled with some of the all-time greats of the genre; Withnail & I (Bruce Robinson, 1987) and Trainspotting (Danny Boyle, 1996) immediately coming to mind. I have noContinue reading “VMDIFF 2021 (3/4)”

VDMIFF 2021 (2/4)

The second in TFR’s coverage of VMDIFF, with reviews by Cathal Eustace and Katie McKenna. To All My Darlings Review by Katie McKenna With the likes of Normal People (Lenny Abrahamson, Hettie MacDonald), Wolfwalkers (Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart, 2020) and the upcoming Conversations With Friends, it seems like we are in the midst of anContinue reading “VDMIFF 2021 (2/4)”


The first in TFR’s coverage of VMDIFF, with reviews by Cathal Eustace and Katie McKenna. Attending a film festival online was uncannily comfortable. Spanning nearly two weeks and beginning on the 3rd of March, myself and Katie McKenna were at liberty to enjoy and critique some of the most interesting films that VMDIFF had toContinue reading “VMDIFF 2021”

The Film Zine

Article by Cathal Eustace The greatest privilege and curse of our generation is constant access to the largest amount of art and knowledge ever available to humanity. The Library of Alexandria was one of the largest libraries of the ancient world yet only held 64 gigabytes of information in its bookshelves. Meanwhile, the internet isContinue reading “The Film Zine”