About Trinity Film Review

Trinity Film Review was founded over a decade ago in 2008. Headed by future film studies professor Conor Kelly, the Review rose to popularity for its accessible and modern approach to film criticism. The original issues were self-published. Shortly after its inception, the Trinity Film Review became a part of the Trinity Publications list of supported publications and grew from there.

Now, the Review has an ever-growing audience of reviewers and readers alike. The current contributor’s group has over 100 members and rising weekly. We have a themed print edition every academic term alongside rare special editions for Trinity College’s Freshers Week and other occasions. Regular reviews from our contributors are posted on our website and Facebook page. The best part is, not all of our reviewers are film students or even arts students – the Trinity Film Review proudly has contributors from a wide range of academic disciplines. Film really is a universal language.

Got film? Got TFR.

The Team 2020/2021

Editor-in-chief: Emily Thomas

Assistant Editors: Peter Horan, Markéta Ní Eithir, Mia Sherry

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