Review Writing Workshop in Collaboration with DU Film.

Last term, Trinity Film Review and the DU Film Society ran a review writing workshop. At the end of the workshop, participants were asked to write a short review of Charlotte Wells’ award-winning short film Tuesday (2015). Below are two review from that workshop.

Tuesday review by Hana Rae Quinn

In Tuesday (2015), director Charlotte Wells gives us a glimpse into teenager Allie’s (Megan McGill) daily life, with the day in question being perpetuated by a mundanity that is both charmingly familiar and oppressive. Dark afternoons after school, science homework, crumbs on the counter in Dad’s kitchen; through it all the audience holds their breath waiting for the knife to drop. The dark hues that pervade the film’s short runtime weigh heavy, and even shots of Allie bathed in yellow light remain cold and ominous. We long for relief from the latent tension, but when Wells finally does bring us into the fold, it is bittersweet.

Tuesday review by Ella Hogg

Tuesday (Charlotte Wells, 2015) is a gritty short that draws you into the life of teenage Allie (Megan McGill) for one day as she copes with loss. From the beginning, the viewer is one step behind, both literally, as the camera regularly follows closely behind Allie’s head (reminiscent of a Dardenne Brothers picture) but also due to the deep-rooted feeling that something is missing. This feeling is created by hints to Allie’s backstory that are left up to interpretation and complex interactions between Allie and other characters. The overall feeling of the film is sombre and muted but the sympathy created for Allie kept me watching until the end.


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